We are clearing out the walk-in freezer in preparation for fall and have a few sale items:

Bacon Ends- $9.00 a pound
Beef Roasts-  $8.00 a pound (We have a few sirloin Tip, Chuck, and London broill but mostly Eye of Round, Rolled Round Roast, Brisket
Chicken and Duck Necks- $2.00 a pound if you buy 10# of more.
Pork Bones- $1.50 a pound
Back Fat- $1.00 a pound or $0.75 a pound if 20 pounds or more.
Guinea Hog Pork– We have a good supply of Pork Chops, Ribs, Boneless Fresh Hams.  Guinea pork is wonderfully rich and marbled!  The cuts are small and the juicy taste is outstanding!  Please check our Current Product Listing for cut prices or we can put together 20# or more bundles for 10% off.  Read about Guinea Hogs at