2020 UPDATE!

Since we are currently unable to take houseplants to farmers market (they are not essential food plants) we are offering a new service!

If you are interested in picking up a custom planted succulent or other houseplant at The Ithaca Farmers Market please contact us with the following information:

PRICE RANGE ($6, $8, $10, $12)

PLANT TYPE (rosette, aloe, tall, prostrate, a mix)

POT COLOR (we have a vast variety of interesting pots)

LIGHT LEVEL (sun, indirect light, low light)

Based on these parameters I will create a bespoke planter and deliver it to the saturday farmers market.  Plants can also be picked up at our farm store.

We believe that even the ornamental plants that live in your house should be propagated and grown organically.  We offer an eclectic line of succulents and other hardy houseplants to enhance your interior.  They are available during summer farmers market, indoor winter farmers market, and at selected sales throughout the year

  • We maintain a large collection of Certified Organic motherplants
  • We propagate all of our own stock from cuttings & seeds
  • We use organic potting mix
  • We use only recycled and reused pots
  • We use only compostable wooden labels
  • We use only organic methods of pest and disease control


Our production greenhouse

IMG_2733  IMG_1289 IMG_1386 IMG_2196 IMG_2707

Diversified organic farming for over 20 years

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