About Our Farm

Self-Serve On-Farm Greenhouse




The Greenhouse currently stocked with houseplants.

 Farm Shop open everyday 9-7

The Farm Shop is currently stocked with eggs, honey, garlic, onions, shallots, potatoes, tomatoes, popcorn, chicken, pork, and pumpkins.   Please check the Current Products & Prices tab for updates on meat and veg in stock.

 The Ithaca Farmers Market Every Saturday Stall #64

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Certified Organic                       Animal Welfare Approved                               Chicken                                              Chicken                                                                          Duck                                                   Duck                                                                               Eggs                                                      Eggs                                                                              Vegetables                                         Beef                                                                                 Plants                                                                                                                                           Pork

Kingbird Farm is a small family farm owned and operated by Michael, Karma, and Rosemary Glos for over 20 years.  We produce a diverse array of certified organically raised meats, produce, and value-added items. Our products include: certified organic pork, chicken, eggs, culinary herbs, houseplants and produce (includes onions, garlic, shallots, potatoes, and other vegetables). We also raise 100% grassfed Highland X Angus beef.  Our field work is done with the use of our Norwegian Fjord  horses.

We are certifed organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC (a USDA accredited certifier) for our produce, pastures, pork, chickens, ducks, and eggs.  We are also Animal Welfare Approved for outstanding humane treatment of our beef, chicken, and duck (please see pork section for more information on this).

Our products are currently available at our self serve store on the farm and the Ithaca Farmers Market.  We try to market everything we raise no farther than 30 miles from the farm.  Support your local farmer!   We are at the market every Saturday year round and our farm store is always open.  Link to Brochure Here

8 thoughts on “About Our Farm”

  1. I have found you through youtube and I want to do what your doing I am from the UK and you have given me a lot to think about still in the research stage with not a lot of money behind me but thank you for the inspiration Emma

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  2. I watched a you tube video about raising Tamworth pigs and I was very impressed by the end of your video. I have plans to buy my own small homestead and was researching what kind of pork I wanted to raise. With your clips I know I want to raise Tamworth pigs. I have a better understanding on how to do many more things and thank you for all of your hard work.


  3. I was looking at videos about castrating piglets, most of them somewhat heartwrenching, when I came upon yours. Thank you so much. I then followed up by searching out your other videos. I really appreciate the time and care you take with everything you do on the farm. My daughter and I are in our first year of homesteading up in Northern British Columbia. We are as organic as we can be until we’re growing our own chicken feed (it’s hit or miss at the local feed store). I am very interested in making our potting soil from blood and feathers that originate here. You make mention of this in one of your videos. Do you have a how-to or can you point me to a “recipe”?
    Meanwhile, Kingbird farm, you are SO inspiring


    1. Thank so much! Castration is my least favorite task on the farm and I take it very seriously.
      Our compost mix involves mixing the offal, feather, and blood with straw and horse manure for composting. It gets turned at least three times over about two years. It is then screened to remove the bones(heads and feet). Very rich stuff!
      Cheers, Karma


  4. Hi! Great job you are doing with organic production. I am a poultry farmer in Ghana and I relish an opportunity to come and understudy what you to be replicated in Ghana. I actually have that opportunity to visit a world class organic poultry farm like yours to learn what you do. This will be sponsored by Ghana Climate Innovation Center in collaboration with UN University, Ashesi University and Ernst and Young. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Yahya Abdulai
    AY Farms


  5. Hello…my wife just asked me to look you up online….great stuff. We are a small farm in wendell mass ,raising sheep, pigs, chickens and making maple syrup..still dialing in the farm and glad people like you are cool in sharing your knowledge and techniques…thank you


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Diversified organic farming for over 20 years