Passion Flowers

Here at Kingbird Farm we have a passion for Passion Flowers!

Let’s bring a little bit of the tropics to upstate New York.

Varieties Available

Passiflora biflora, P.  caerulea, P. citrina, P. decaisneana, P. edulis, P. foetida,  P. incarnata, P. phfordtii,  P. suberosa, P. violacea, P. vitifolia, P. X ‘Blue Bouquet’, P. X ‘Incense’, P. X ‘Lavender Lady’, P. X ‘Paloma’, P. X ‘ Pura Vida’, P. X ‘Sunburst’

****all grown by cutting  from organic mother plants or organic seeds****


Diversified organic farming for over 20 years

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