The Gardens

The Gardens @ Kingbird Farm

The small, diverse gardens scattered around the farm are not only places for our exploration of plant varieties, but also rich habitats for local birds, pollinators, and other wildlife.  They represent various plant communities and management styles.  If you visit the farm, please check out the gardens and we hope you enjoy the plants as much as we do!

The Gairdin Glas (The Green Garden)

This perennial flower garden was founded in 2012 and contains a rich variety of flowers, herbs, trees, and shrubs.  The flower beds extend from the top of the hill down into a small fruit orchard and wildflower meadow.  This garden is primarily managed by Karma and represents her style of half-wild gardening.  Despite the apparent disarray; most plants are properly labeled and there is a method to her madness.

The RGRG (The Rosy Glos Rock Garden)

This embryo rock garden was founded in 2015 and contains a staggering variety of alpine plants and hardy succulents.  This garden is managed by Rosy and represents her style of carefully planned and immaculately kept plantings.  This tiny patch grows over 170 taxa, all of which are well labeled.  If you like tiny plants with amazing flowers, this is the garden to explore.

The Sedum Terrace                        

This hardy succulent garden was established in 2018 on a bare hillside after our farm store was built.  Not only does the garden stabilize the slope, it also provides a blaze of sedum and lavender flowers throughout the summer.  It contains 8 varieties of sedum, 4 varieties of  lavender, and the Jessie G Dahlias.  This garden is managed by Karma, but requires a more fastidious technique to protect the low growing sedums from weeds.

La Petite Conservatoire (The Little Conservatory)

Just to the north of the Rock Garden is the Petite Conservatoire where Karma and Rosy house the mother plants that provide cuttings and seeds for our houseplant production.  This conservatory is heated year round and provides a cozy winter home for over 300 varieties of succulents and tropicals.

Diversified organic farming for over 20 years

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