Farming with Horses

From the very beginning we chose to farm with horses.  We employ them for all major tillage, spreading compost, cultivation, logging, and all kinds of farm tasks.

Currently we employ 3 Norwegian Fjord Horses and a Haflinger

Floki, 8 year old Norwegian Fjord1030161147a_0001

Daeg and Dagna, 8 year old Norwegian Fjordsimg_8474

Friday, 27 year old Haflinger     DSC_0062

Floki meeting Daeg and Dagna


Michael mowing with Friday12075057_622927694517079_1263534968963971990_n



English, 27 year old Haflinger, retired


Mira, 30 year old Norwegian Fjord, recently passed awayMegandMira


Horses no longer with us


Diversified organic farming for over 20 years

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