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Welcome to the 23rd year of production at Kingbird Farm.  We are a small, horse-powered farm on a forested hillside in Tioga County.  This year we will again be offering a wide variety of organic poultry, meats, vegetables, and herbs.

Our farming methods are based on a belief in diversified, small family farms with a respect for the land and the animals we raise on it.  Our land is managed organically; increasing fertility with compost, controlled grazing, and natural minerals. No chemical or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are ever used.

Our pigs, poultry, eggs, vegetables, herbs, and pastures are certified organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC.

All of our products are available both on farm and at the Saturday Ithaca Farmers’ Market (April-December). Eggs, meat, and vegetables are available anytime from our self-serve farm store.

Certified Organic Meats

The chickens raised on our farm are grown free-range on pasture with portable shelters and fed a certified organic feed with no medications.  The birds are processed on farm to reduce stress and ensure fresh, rich flavor.

Our laying hens are raised free-range in an open-air hoophouse with rotating pastures.  In the winter they are housed in a sunny, warm greenhouse.  Green pasture and organic feed produces a deep orange yolk, firm whites, and an unbeatable taste.

Our ducks are raised free-range on pasture and are simply delicious.  Availability is limited.

Our hogs are started from local, certified organic Hereford piglets and raised on pasture.  They are fed exclusively certified organic feed and never chemically medicated.  The pigs are processed at a certified organic butcher.  They are available by the cut.

Our beef is started from calves born to organically raised cows and is entirely grass fed.  Our cattle receive no grain in order to ensure the highest level of OMEGA-3 in the delicious meat.  Beef is available by the cut and usually only in late summer and fall. Our cow herd will by certified organic as of 2020.

Certified Organic Crops

We grow a variety of vegetables and herbs in our certified organic gardens.  Specialties include onions, garlic,  potatoes, and culinary herbs.  We plow and cultivate with horses and harvest weekly for the Ithaca Farmers’ Market.

We grow a diverse selections of culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, flowers, peppers, tomatoes, and houseplants.  They are available throughout the year at the Ithaca Farmers Market.  Call us to find what we currently have available.  Plant brochure here

Our feeds are locally grown and mixed.  They are minimally ground from whole grains and mixed with carefully selected supplements like kelp and limestone.  Certified organic oats, corn, and poultry rations are available from us year round for on-farm pick up.


  • Eggs Available year-round on farm, at market
  • Stew Hens, Broilers, and Ducks year-round
  • Beef Cuts year-round
  • Pork Cuts Anytime (available on farm and at market)
  • Fresh Herbs April-December
  • Dried Herbs Spring and Fall at market
  • Herb/Vegetable Plants April-August
  • Garlic/Shallots July-December
  • Cipollini Onions July-October
  • Potatoes August-December
  • Houseplants & Succulents year-round

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Diversified organic farming for over 20 years

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