2018 Update:  Please note that we are taking a year off from breeding pigs.  Due to multiple on-farm building projects and a desire to rest our pastures we will not have pigs on the ground this year.  We still have an extensive line of our fabulous pork from last season which is frozen vacuum-sealed and available at market and on farm.

On Kingbird Farm our pigs are raised free-range on pasture in the summer and in deep-bedded outdoor pens in the winter. They are fed exclusively certified organic grains and alfalfa hay and grazed on certified organic pastures.

We have a breeding herd of 7 Tamworth Sows. We sell piglets and raise the rest up for quality organic pork.

At market size we take our market hogs to a certified organic butcher. They are handled and processed with care. Fresh cuts are wrapped and frozen to our specifications for quick delivery to market. Hams and bacon are brined without nitrates and traditionally smoked.

Available at the Ithaca Farmers’ Market and on the farm.

Prices & Availability

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