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January Snows

A brilliant blanket of fresh snow buried the farm last night.  We certainly saw this coming and the animals are all tucked in with extra bedding and feed.  All of January arrived today.  The Farm Store is of course open, but you may want to wait until the snow stops blowing around.

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Spring Calves

The farm is so bright and green now.  The fields are growing and the maples are leafing out.  This is the time for spring calving and we are so pleased to have three heifer calves so farm.  Please welcome Kwenthrith, Mared, and Fion.


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year from cold crusty Kingbird Farm!  We are blanketed by a moderate layer of icy snow and the temperatures are dropping into the single digits (F) every night.  The animals are snug in their winter housing and the greenhouses are shut up tight.  The grey woods are bleak.  Time to sort the seed orders, write up the germination plans, and clean forgotten corners of the house.  We will begin the winter indoor Ithaca Farmers Market in February after a much needed holiday to our beloved Ireland.  See you then!