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We’re Hiring

  • Now hiring a part-time farm hand:
  • Beginning May 2020
  • 10-20 hours/week, hours flexible
  • Minimum wage $11.80/hour
  • Must have transportation, previous farm experience, and be able to lift 50 lbs
  • Tasks include greenhouse work, barn cleaning, mowing, planting, harvesting, light carpentry, hay loading
  • Please send letter of intent and resume to

Fall houseplants!

Passiflora sanguiniolenta

As we move into fall we have an abundance of produce (potatoes, onions, garlic, shallots), pork, chicken, duck, and houseplants. Stop by the Ithaca Farmers Market on Saturday or the Farm Store greenhouse  Sunday-Friday for a vast array of lovely succulents and tropical plants.

January Snows

A brilliant blanket of fresh snow buried the farm last night.  We certainly saw this coming and the animals are all tucked in with extra bedding and feed.  All of January arrived today.  The Farm Store is of course open, but you may want to wait until the snow stops blowing around.

img_7055 (1)


Spring Calves

The farm is so bright and green now.  The fields are growing and the maples are leafing out.  This is the time for spring calving and we are so pleased to have three heifer calves so farm.  Please welcome Kwenthrith, Mared, and Fion.